Ağustos, 2019 tarihine ait yayınlar gösteriliyor

August 14th, 2019 Update

GAME CONTENT UPDATE 14.08.2019 New RC Egg:  Liuyue Egg 1st prize: Weaving Scroll Mount [not crafted] 1st prize: Quiet Enjoy fashion 2nd prize: Liuyue RC Egg: 2017 Easter gift 1st prize: Under the Rose Tree Mount [crafted] 1st prize: Peppermint fashion 2nd prize: Love Prisoner fashion RC Egg: 2016 Valentine Egg 1st prize: Air Throne Mount [crafted] 1st prize: Suofu fashion 2nd prize: Crowe fashion 5th prize [crafting item]: Lover 2 New Songs:

Evefall Egg

1st prize: Archangel Wings Fuleur 2nd prize: Autumn Female Male Credits: Touch VN

Liuyue Egg

1st prize: Weaving Scroll Mount Quiet Enjoy Fashion / Enjoy The Fashion/ Enjoy the fashionable 2nd prize: Liuyue Credits: Touch CN, Jibooty (Touch 4Games)

Baby Crafting - Designer

Here you can see the Designer crafting rewards Lvl 1 - 16 Lvl. 1 - 4: Aromas Lvl. 5-8: Clear Dusk Lvl. 9-12: Eutawn Lvl. 13-16: Hayday Credits: Touch VN

Baby crafting - Stylist

Here you can see the Stylist crafting rewards Lvl 1 - 16 LVL. 1.  Wand of Purple Crystal LVL. 2.  Puppy Bro LVL. 3.  Puppy Sis LVL. 4.  Ballet Bear LVL. 5.  Baby Cow Bracelet LVL. 6.  Baby Cow Anklet LVL. 7.  4-Leaf Clover Elf LVL. 8.  Stupid Dog backpack Further crafting is for baby only LVL. 9.  Fold Doll LVL. 10.  Moon Cane LVL.12.  Shadow Butterfly LVL.13.   Star Wish LVL.14.  Bouquet LVL.15.  Aura LVL.16.  Nine-Tailed Fox Credits: Touch VN